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San Diego initiates new alcohol restrictions

Published On: 09-15-2015 in Category: alcohol rehab, recovery, sober living, treatment


As the summer season comes to a close, the San Diego area has a lot to reflect on. A report from the California Highway Patrol detailed that from July 3 to 5, officers arrested 47 people for driving under the influence, which was only a miniscule drop from the 48 arrests in 2014. A more tragic statistic was that over the course of the last few months, 11 people died in alcohol-related collisions. In response to these troubling trends, San Diego’s District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis dubbed the previous season as a “summer of shame.”

Dumanis went on to mention, “The conduct of the individuals who caused these crashes is horrific. We’ve had drunks driving the wrong way on the highway, individuals consuming alcohol for hours before getting behind the wheel and a young mother driving with her children in the car while using drugs. Tragically, lives have been lost because of these preventable crimes, which should serve as a wake-up call to anyone even thinking about driving under the influence.”

A new wave of policing and prevention

Fortunately, the city law enforcement has not taken this issue lightly. In a statement from Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego’s Chief of Police, she stressed how the act of drunk driving comes down to a decision and is completely preventable. She warns people who plan to go out and drink to also plan on finding a designated sober driver beforehand. The president of the San Diego County Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Association, Craig Carter, also made a statement that the police and public should work together to ensure the highest potential of safety. Along these lines, Carter added that other drivers need to identify and report intoxicated behavior on the road.

Other helpful programs are being developed as well, including a resident from Mission Beach, Jonathan Ohana, who founded the Alco-Checkpoint Breathalyzer Company, which has begun installing breathalyzer machines in bars throughout the county with easily depicted and accurate results. The device is currently present in six locations including PB Bar & Grill, the Open Bar, the Pennant, San Diego Sports Club, Red C Lounge and Flicks.

Also in the eastern part of the county, El Cajon has recently cited the success of its latest alcohol-associated ban, which has gained notoriety as one of the strictest alcohol laws in all of California. The new ordinance prohibits the sale of cheaper, fortified wine, miniature bottles of hard liquor and large, single containers of beer and malt liquor. Results of this ban have shown:

1. A 35 percent drop in public drunkenness

2. A 26 percent decrease in drinking in public

3. A 93 percent decline in minors arrested for alcohol possession

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