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11 tons of cocaine offloaded by Coast Guards in San Diego

Published On: 09-29-2016 in Category: cocaine, drugs


An operation that started mid-June this year by the crew of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Cutter led to the seizure of nearly 11 tons of cocaine in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The drugs were offloaded by the crew of the USCG Cutter Sherman at Naval Base San Diego in August 2016.

The drug bust culminated the 15 distinct maritime interdictions carried out by the Eastern Pacific patrol. The crews of the USCG Cutters, namely Alert, Reliance, Sherman, Tampa, and Vigorous, seized the drugs from traffickers in international waters off the coast of Central and South America, which eventually got offloaded from the Sherman.

The operation that started in mid-June and continued through July this year led to the disruption of the violent criminal organizations that smuggled tons of drugs across the U.S. borders. The crew Alert accounted for four cases and seized nearly 6,500 pounds, while Reliance was responsible for three cases and got hold of approximately 5,000 pounds.

Likewise, Sherman took charge of two cases, leading to a seizure of approximately 2,800 pounds, Tampa had three cases in its account that fetched an estimated 4,400 pounds, and Vigorous took over three cases that led to the seizure of nearly 3,400 pounds.

The crews showed their dedication and professionalism while carrying out such challenging tasks which required expertise in handling complex situations, said Rear Adm. Todd Sokalzuk, commander of the 11th Coast Guard District. “The diligence of these cutter crews, as well as the air crews and operations support crews ashore, has stopped tons of drugs from reaching our streets,” he said.

However, the Eastern Pacific has witnessed 108 such interdictions during the period starting October 2015 until now, which resulted in the seizure of more than 81 tons of cocaine and the arrest of 329 convicts.

Criminals eyeing ports for easy transport of illegal drugs

With the tightening of security at the U.S. border, an increasing number of drug traffickers are now looking at large vessels to ferry loads of illegal drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana, to the destination. As per a 2014 report published in the New York Post, major budget cuts have made it difficult for the USCG to carry out drug arrests in international waters.

In fact, lawmakers have not taken sufficient measures to step up security on ports to keep a check on sea smuggling, unlike land borders where a huge sum of money is spent in preventing the entry and exit of suspected individuals across the borders, the report said.

Lately, drug trafficking business has become a more organized crime where smugglers are using even sea and air trafficking routes to transport illegal substances across the U.S.

Drug-free life is possible

Drug trafficking, possession and distribution are illegal under the federal law. The American drug market is considered one of the most profitable ones in the world, hence, criminal groups are attempting to expand their network in the country. Drug abuse and addiction continue to threaten the life and happiness of Americans.

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