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High school students in San Diego County hired to smuggle drugs across US-Mexico border

Published On: 05-21-2018 in Category: drug trafficking

High school students in San Diego County hired to smuggle drugs across US-Mexico border

Many high school students across San Diego are being recruited by Mexican cartels for cross-border drug smuggling, according to the U.S. Attorney for San Diego. The most recent case involves a former student of Castle Park High School in Chula Vista who has been charged with conspiring to distribute drugs, and illegally bring foreign nationals into the country in for financial benefit. Philip Junior Webb, 18, has been accused of trafficking methamphetamine on multiple occasions and assisting two persons – one from Mexico and another from China – to illegally enter the U.S., according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office.

In order to carry out his tasks with ease, Webb had recruited four other minor students between July and October 2017, and asked them to strap fentanyl and methamphetamine on their bodies before entering the U.S. On interrogation, one of the minors admitted that he was paid $300 for smuggling drugs for Webb’s agents. In fact, the boy said that Webb paid him the amount in the bathroom of the high school.

“We are seeing a very troubling trend and we want to warn parents and high schoolers,” U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman said in a statement. If Webb is found guilty, he could be sentenced to at least 13 years in prison.

Law enforcement officers attribute the monumental surge in drug trafficking along the Southwest border to the unceasing demand for addictive substances among American consumers. The constant menace of drugs flooding the country through the Mexico border is the main cause of increasing cross-border violence and instability in the area. It is an undoubtable fact that Mexico is a hub for drug production and a safe route for transporting huge loads of illegal substances for the profitable American markets.

Cross-border drug trafficking is on the rise

The ever-growing volume of traffic plying along the Southwest border stretching from San Diego in California to Brownsville in Texas and entering the U.S. through multiple points of entry is highly vulnerable to narco-trafficking and money laundering activities by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Moreover, these far-flung, desolate expanses of lands with reasonably good infrastructure provide ample opportunities for drug cartels to conduct business by concealing drugs and illegal migrants in private or commercial vehicles.

Significantly, the cross-border drug trade is a multi-billion dollar industry, making it even more important for law enforcement agencies and border security patrol to eradicate this nuisance in the greater interest of the nation that is in the grip of an addiction crisis. However, the good thing is that drug addiction is treatable with timely medical intervention.

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