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106 pounds of cocaine, $300,000 seized near San Diego border in 2 separate incidents

Published On: 08-29-2017 in Category: cocaine, drug abuse, drug addiction

In a drug bust, Border Patrol (BP) agents at San Diego’s Otay Mesa port of entry (POE) on August 1, 2017, confiscated more than 100 pounds of cocaine worth $2.8 million headed to the United States in a pickup truck crossing the border. In a separate case, BP agents stationed at the San Ysidro POE seized $300,000 in cash stashed in a car heading down the Interstate 5 on its way to Mexico, media reports said.

According to authorities, a sniffer dog at the Otay Mesa POE alerted the patrol officers to a 2007 Nissan Titan pickup truck. Further, a thorough inspection led to the discovery of 28 packages of cocaine weighing almost 106 pounds, which were concealed in the truck’s spare tire. The 33-year-old female driver, an American citizen, was taken into custody by officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Later, on the same day, after detecting anomalies in the imaging system, officials at the San Ysidro POE seized $300,000 in cash hidden in a 2014 Nissan Versa. The driver, a 24-year-old American woman, was also handed over to the DHS.

Cocaine is dangerous

Immediately after alcohol and marijuana, cocaine is the most widely abused substance in America. It is one of the most lethal drugs on the planet, which is known to cause the brain’s pleasure centers to explode with euphoria, thereby paving the path for complete psychological dependence on the drug.

As long as they are under the effects of the drug, individuals addicted to cocaine seem to be in a state of excitement and exude significant amounts of confidence and well-being. However, once the effects of the drug begin to wear off, they tend to experience a variety of mood swings. Once trapped in the grip of cocaine, users begin to display heightened levels of tolerance to the drug, leading to mighty urges for higher doses to feed their addiction. Studies suggest individuals who binge on cocaine suffer from paranoia, disorientation and delusions.

Experts say cocaine can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments. However, one of the biggest causes of worry is that cocaine is capable of shrinking the brain. In comparison to non-users, studies show, those hooked on cocaine tend to lose considerable gray matter in the temporal and prefrontal regions of their brain, which are concerned with memory and decision-making. Moreover, they are also known to indulge in aggressiveness or anti-social behavior, which can wreak havoc in their personal as well as professional lives.

Leading drug-free life

Substance use disorder (SUD) induces significant changes in the brain, resulting in uncontrollable urges to seek mind-altering highs. As the road to total recovery from the clutches of addiction can be ridden with challenges, patients should have access to timely medical help to gain complete sobriety.

If you or your loved one is battling addiction to cocaine or any other substance, seek treatment immediately. The San Diego Drug Treatment and Rehab Center can help you get one of the best addiction treatment programs and embrace sobriety. You may call at our 24/7 helpline number 619-567-2107 for more information on different treatment options in your vicinity.

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